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Steering and Suspension Repair

Your steering and suspension system helps you stay in control when you’re on the road. 2 Cool Automotive in Welland, Ontario offers quality, affordable auto repair services and suspension repair which provides control and a smooth ride.


 What Your Vehicle Needs

Stability and balance are the perfect combinations for a smooth, comfortable ride, and it’s the steering and suspension of your car that makes this possible. They are responsible for giving the wheels of your vehicle a firm grip, preventing it from veering off the road.

The Steering System

While automobiles were evolving into what they are today, the bulk of the weight of the car was borne by the rear axle. Back then, steering just involved turning a tiller that controlled the whole front axle. This is no longer the case as today’s cars are mainly power steering.

Suspension Systems

Suspension systems refer to the shock absorbers and linkages systems that connect the car to its wheels. The suspension system serves two primary functions:

  • To keep the wheel of the car in firm grip of the road and to provide traction
  • To make for a comfortable ride, and to isolate road noise, vibrations, and bumps.


If the steering and the suspension of your car aren’t working very well, then you are literally in for a bumpy ride. At the first sign of trouble, you should take your vehicle into our shop 2 Cool Automotive in Welland for steering/suspension services and repair.

Some of the common signs that your steering and suspension may need servicing and probably fixing are:

  • You hear distinct excessive noise when climbing bumps
  • Wandering wheels
  • Bouncy vehicle
  • It feels hard to turn the steering
  • Uneven tire wear


The first approach to resolving steering and suspension issues is to run a full vehicle diagnostic. During a full vehicle inspection, our experts check all the major systems in your car, and that includes the steering and suspension. They would assess, among other things, the state of the:

  • Shocks and struts
  • Front and rear ends
  • Chassis parts
  • Coil springs
  • Wheel bearings
  • Power steering
  • Power steering fluids

 Why You Need Steering & Suspension Repair

The steering and suspension systems of your car are very delicate as they make for the overall quality of the ride, and are essential to your vehicle safety. Rough surfaces and potholes not only make for a bad ride, but they also affect the steering and suspension of your car. Standard road conditions can weaken your shocks, struts and the springs of your vehicle over time. Also, worn out suspension systems severely reduce the stability of your car and could lead to loss of control. They could accelerate uneven tire wear. You should, therefore, carry out regular steering and suspension repair and fix any problems as soon as they show up.

In all, proper steering function depends to a significant extent on the performance and quality of the suspension. Inspections, regular repairs, and routine front end alignment services make for a smooth ride and keep your vehicle functioning in top condition. Besides, because steering and suspension repair may alter the existing wheel angles, wheel alignment is usually recommended to be done after a steering and suspension servicing.


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