Brake Repair & Replacement

Brake Repair & Replacement in Welland

Maintaining your brakes is very crucial in keeping you and your passengers safe. If your brakes are squealing, it’s a definite sign that they are in need of repairs. The best thing to do is to consult our certified auto technician at 2 Cool Automotive in Welland to check for any issues before things go awry.

If we are to talk about the most important part of a car’s anatomy, the brakes are considered a top priority as far as safety goes. Brakes are the key elements of a vehicle’s safety mechanisms, allowing you to slow down with the tap of your foot.

What are the moving parts of a brake system?

A car’s brakes are comprised of brake pads, rotors, callipers, and calliper supports. Having an understanding of these various moving parts of your brake system can help you anticipate and prevent future problems with your vehicle. Pressing your brake pedal creates friction in the brake pads. The rotor diffuses heat throughout your vehicle to prevent the brake from overheating. For the braking system to fully function, all parts must be checked from time to time to identify possible deficiencies or malfunctions.

The points below will give you a quick snapshot of the reasons why you need a certified technician for an inspection and brake repair.

  • The Brakes Are Squealing – Have you ever heard a shrieking or squealing sound when you brake? If your vehicle is producing this kind of noise, you should bring it into an auto repair shop as soon as possible. It could imply that metal is rubbing against metal, indicating that the brake pads are extremely worn-out.
  • ABS Light Comes On – There are multiple factors for why the ABS light is on. It can be a warning of a malfunction in the brake system. It can also be a standard bulb check, a solenoid malfunction or because of low transmission fluid. Regardless of the cause, you should get it checked at your earliest opportunity.
  • Vibrations Can Be Felt – If the brake rotors are warped, then you will experience vibration when braking. Because of the lack of a surface for the brake pads to grab onto, the car’s ability to slow down quickly is reduced.
  • The Brake Pedal Is Soft and Sensitive – When brake fluid leaks or there is air in the brake lines, braking just won’t feel right. Additionally, if it is easy for you to push the brake pedal to the floor, this is an indication of a serious problem with the brake pads.

A simple brake problem can lead to serious accidents. For safety purposes, it is crucial to see a professional technician who is specialized in brake repair to alleviate the problem as soon as possible. On that note, our reputable automotive service provider in Welland, Ontario can provide substantial support for brake repair and other automotive
services. You can reach out to us via or call us at (289) 820-6333.

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